Our mission is to meet the new political and social challenges and, in the context of extraordinary situations such as pandemics, to address health aspects and behaviors in situations that are relevant to society and to companies.

The training tool "soundness" used for this purpose is a tool in the field of Health and Social Security and is intended to support the management of companies in protecting themselves against negative influences and not endangering their operations.


​​​​​​​In order to promote the safety awareness of the employees, a confrontation is very helpful, where the participants interactively deal with the topics in an integral view and concretely work through the principle "PERSON":

  • P     Necessity from the point of view of the employer in the form of prevention
  • E     Appeal to personal responsibility more effective than regulations

  • R     Significance of risks for the company

  • S     Addressing the threats and safety awareness

  • O     Change in personal behavior and personal organization

  • N     Health in private and at work in the form of a reassessment​​​​​​​
This training principle is ultimately intended to help secure employment through personal responsibility and individual contributions.


​​​​​​​The past and current year has completely changed our everyday life, with drastic measures at the workplace and outside the workplace. Protection concepts are being drawn up and corresponding controls with any associated sanctions help to implement the protective measures that have been issued. In this context, there is the major problem that a certain level of safety is created at the site of operation, but no control is possible outside of it. This affects as many as two-thirds of the time when an employee is engaged in private activities that can have a decisive influence on the maintenance of a business operation. This can be used to train employees' awareness of actions and behaviors and reduce ignorance and misconduct. With this Health and Social Security instrument, your personnel will be made fit in a wide range of topics and achieve a learning effect.


​​​​​​​Pasquale T.
"The "soundness" training tool was not only instructive for me, but also exciting. In the process, I was able to acquire knowledge that generates lasting value for me personally as well as for my business. Thank you for this opportunity."

​​​Ludwig P.

"The online tool "soundness" will remain in my good memory. It is understandable and applicable. This training tool aims to change behavior and personal contribution, which was really successful."

​​​Samuel H.

"The skepticism I had at the beginning faded early on because it was fun and yet challenging. For my future, I'm taking away a lot of new things that make me reflect."


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