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With the tool "awareness" the participant deals with the art of exploiting interpersonal relationships in a virtually created world and life situation. This online gamification is characterized by a playful approach to the topic of social engineering and the influencing and manipulation of people.


​​​​​​​With this online gamification we determine the degree of influenceability and manipulation. The participant is guided through a course in which he assumes a role that is very special to him and makes decisions. In the process, he deals with the various strategies and techniques of social engineering.
This online tool raises awareness among your staff on the topic of social engineering, which aims to psychologically manipulate people.


Social engineering is an attack strategy that does not choose technology as its victim. Instead, it is much more likely - and above all more efficient - to attack people or their behavior. In this context, an attacker exploits fundamental human behaviors to achieve his goal. The attack is therefore on people, or their behavior, and not on technology or infrastructure. A social engineer slips into a role, takes advantage of people's psychological mechanisms and applies various methods of influence. First and foremost, he pursues the goal of acquiring as much information as possible.


​​​​​​​Art of exploiting interpersonal relationships to obtain proprietary or confidential information.


The underlying tricks exploit the social psychological elements and characteristics of people.


​​​​​​​Toni C.
"As a speaker in the area of own and operational security within security agencies, I am familiar with the topic of social engineering. In the training tool, I (as a candidate) determine the personality type I want to go through in the scenario. The role to be taken in the program and the scenario are taken from everyday life and thus from real life. So, based on my experiences and awareness of certain situations, I get to make ongoing decisions. The gamification "awareness" I have completed proves to be realistic, animating and also challenging. I consider it as a very good tool to sensitize interested people, in social and professional life, to the currently increasing dangers and risks of psychological manipulation."

​​​Martin E.

"I completed the SCIOLI "awareness" tool last night. The first time I completed it, I achieved a very mediocre score, which motivated me to try a second time. Much more sensitized and focused, I achieved a more appealing score."

​​​Olivier R.

"I have already completed the gamification. The concepts that a social engineer applies are very interesting. I will use this knowledge to further improve my security awareness."


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